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As I continue to share the stories of my recent move from one neighborhood in Manhattan to another, I would be remiss if I didn’t talk a little brand loyalty.

Bottom-line is that I am a brand loyalist.

A brand ambassador.

A brand enthusiast.

A brand evangelist.

Choose your phase, but whether you have spent an hour or a decade in my world, you know that I have “my brands” and I am fiercely loyal. Just try start up a conversation with me about Starbucks, Target, Muppets, Twitter, Post-it, Sharpie, JJ Virgin, or Taryn Rose- I am clear as to why each of these brands rocks my world on a daily basis!

Honestly, I love a great “brand story”. It was one of the favorite things about my role at Monster and MetLife during my corporate days. My career progressed until I was honored to truly be an internal and external brand ambassador and got to tell the story of the brand evolution of both those companies day in and day out. Thrilling for me. (Plus you know how I love to tell a story)

Well, another brand that I really adore and have been heralding for 10 years is Fresh Direct, the NYC on-line grocer. When they hit the NYC scene in 2002, I was one of their very first customers and have been loyal for A DECADE! The fabulous men and women who deliver heavy boxes and cases of seltzer water to my house always do it with a smile.

I have watched the retailer change their operational plan to include handheld technology for the delivery team and expand their offerings in partnership with top restaurants and personal favorites (Dinosaur BBQ originating in Rochester and Syracuse). Plus many years ago they began offering their local, farm-raised and organic produce (including Red Jacket Orchards fruit as seen in this picture- right down the road from my house at home outside of Rochester).

Okay- so you are thinking I love them because they carry all kinds of Rochester products, but that’s not it. (Although, that is awesome)

  • I love their customer service model where an actual person calls when the delivery will be late, quickly refunds my account for quality issues, and takes the request for new products very seriously.
  • I love their bonus programs, specials and long-time customer loyalty discounts.
  • I love that I order my groceries on my iPhone on a business trip and they are delivered when I arrive home in NYC.
  • I love that over the years they have evolved their warehouse packing process and therefore reduced their packaging footprint on the earth.
  • I love their variety, diversity of product, catering to NYC markets and cultures, quality of produce, and their Fresh Direct in-house made products.
  • I love that I moved with over 70 boxes to my new apartment and never bought a single box because everyone in my building loved Fresh Direct so much too that I just used all of their boxes to pack (see a sample of my packing) It made me happy to have their logo all over my move.
  • And I love that I have still not sent out a “change of address” note to any friends or family but Fresh Direct was the very first (and immediate) notification I made!

When I love my brands, I love my brands.


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