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Last week was filled with the most remarkable connection days and networking events! I had a huge smile, swollen feet and a laundry pile full of spanx to prove it! But there was a truly remarkable “standout” moment that shifted so much for me. That honestly gave me that little jolt of “oh yes, that’s who I am-that’s what I do- that’s who I am in the world”. And it came as such a surprise!

My dear friend Karin was in town last week promoting her new documentary and awareness project: www.pedalstrokedocumentary.com

We met at an 85 Broads networking party where she was presenting.  I attended to support her and give her a huge hug since she lives in Boulder now and I do not see her as often as I’d like. Or at least that is why I THOUGHT I went to the event.

By the time we were sitting at dinner together later that evening in an adorable French restaurant charming waiters and spending hours talking and eating, I realized that the evening was about so much more. It was a series of gifts being given to me in the most unlikely way- to remind me of exactly who I am. What brilliance I bring to the world.

I never attended an 85 Broads event before but had been thinking about joining. This networking event served as the catalyst. But the gift for me is that I walked in and knew at least 10 people from all different parts of my life and business whom I rarely have an opportunity to see and with whom I truly love talking. Lesson: my network is deep, wide and committed.

As I spoke to women in the room about Karin, her amazing story and this remarkable project- you must spend a few moments to watch this video– I was asked often, “How do you know Karin?”. I have to laugh. I hired her onto my staff at MetLife back in 1998 or 1999. A very different time in both our lives and a friendship that endured. Lesson: People stay in my life for a very long time and I treasure that.

But probably the most incredible moment of all was listening to Karin explain to a fellow entrepreneur what support the project needed. What promotional, social media and marketing needed to be created. How important it was to have people who believed in the project and the cause because there was not a lot of funding (as with any of these heart-based indie projects when they first get off the ground) and I realized I was crying. Standing at this cocktail party with tears streaming down my face. THIS was something I could do to give back to this remarkable friend! It was quite a moment for me, Karin and our new friend Rebecca caught up in the emotion of it all. Lesson: You get what you need when you need it. You are shown the answer when it is time.

Please take a few minutes to watch this video and share with your community – especially if you or anyone you love has been affected by stroke.



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Coffee Location:  

“My” Starbucks. Just had to get out of the apartment!

Today’s Beverage of Choice: 

Grande Americano in a Starbucks paper cup


Quote this Week in a Daily Inspirational Book I Read:

The choice is mine- whether to hide my uniqueness, or to freely dance to the special music that I hear.  When I strive to be who I am supposed to be, rather than who I am, I pay the price. The price is very high: Physical illness, unhappiness, restlessness or addiction. Today, I choose the road to health, sanity and serenity. I will express myself in ways that I never have before.  Today I will dare to be myself.


This passage really struck me. Especially this week as I have been talking so much with people about one of the primary reasons I started my business. To be me. To be me all of the time. No costume. No facade. No “Executive board room Bryn” that feels pressure to be different from “Talking to customers Bryn” which is different yet from “Collaborating with the team Bryn.” I am consistently me now- most of the time.

It is in those uncertain times when the experiences of my childhood and model of my corporate years start to pull me back a little.  <FEAR> I hear “shoulds” lurking in the back of my mind–messages about how I “should” be and how I “should” behave in a certain situation. In those instances I begin to feel really anxious. I would describe it as a “free floating” anxiety until I can pinpoint that I am considering changing who I am to deal with a certain person or situation. It feel so “not me” that I am anxious.

Then I remember that today I will dare to be myself. 

How about you?


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