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In my quest to enjoy the holiday season one day at a time from December 1 through December 25 (and who knows- maybe this will continue straight through New Years Day), day 5 and 6 were all about planning. Planning forward.

  • The holiday cards came out and now scream at me from across the room
  • The decorations were found (they were secretly tucked away in this one-bedroom Manhattan apartment and required a “if you were a Christmas decoration where would you be hiding?” moment)
  • Since I have not joined a church since moving to Washington Heights, I needed to scope out options for Christmas Eve
  • RSVPed to several holiday get-togethers
  • Changed my Facebook cover photo to include the Rockefeller Plaza Tree and the gorgeous angels (my favorite)

So while I would have liked it better if I was VISITING the Rockefeller tree as my holiday activity to blog about, I will say that there are some wonderful plans in motion for the remainder of the month thanks to my planning.

What have you got planned?


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I love the Muppets.

I am almost 46 years old and I love the Muppets.

They are my friends- at least that’s how it feels.

They make me happy and hopeful.

When I forget, they help me to see the world for what it is- magical, fun and filled with opportunities to love.

I have blogged many times about hero Jim Henson – ALWAYS the answer to any version of that question “if you could have dinner with anyone alive or dead, who would it be?”

Through his willingness to step out and be exactly who he is (at a time in the 60s and 70s when I cannot imagine it was a big popularity move to be a grown man creating puppets) has had a profound impact on my life. The risk, the creativity, the vision, the ability to reach people in the best way he knew how, and the gentleness of his entrepreneurial spirit shining through…. All make me cry with overwhelming joy. Each and every time I think about him. A perfect embodiment of that statement, “Attraction not promotion. I want what you have.”

And in my mind, an incredible example of vulnerability.

Thank you Jim.

Thank you for wanting to be on that new medium-television-so much so that you created puppets to be sure that your dream was realized.

Here is one of my favorite segments of a larger series called The World of Jim Henson to share with all of you. Some remarkable insights into how it all began.

On this Thanksgiving, I am grateful to you, Jim and the risk you took to share your crazy brain with us!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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• It’s time for you to write a new blog post.
• Today’s the day you are naming your new program.
• You told yourself you would call 5 people from your community.
• New tweets and Facebook posts need to be written.

You have procrastinated long enough. Actually you can’t wait any longer. So you sit down at your computer or grab your phone and psych yourself up to get started.


Drawing a blank.

This is such a common occurrence with clients and colleagues.

Honestly, let me tell you. Shhhh … Lean closer… there is such an easy solution to get unstuck that it seems too good to be true.

• Get a piece of paper and a favorite pen
• Grab a timer
• Set the timer for 15 minutes
• Here’s your assignment
• In 15 minutes make a list of all the ways you can communicate with your clients. Names for blog posts. Ideas for programs. People you can call and love talking to them. Places you can go for inspiration. Creative ideas you have floating around in your head. Funny names for your next book. A list of your favorite songs. Whatever words and names come to mind.
• Logical and illogical. Simple and complicated. Standard and outside the box.
• Write them all. You cannot do this wrong!

Okay. Your 15 minutes is up.

Take a breath. Look down at the list.

Which ONE of this combination of great, professional and silly ideas jumps off the page at you?

That is the one you do. Today. Put it in motion.

Leave all the others to implement on another day. Keep it simple. Focus. Finish this one beginning to end. Breathe. You have to start somewhere and this one thing will lead to others plus some new ideas. And rather than just talking about it and thinking about it-you are COMMUNICATING!

Please jump on my Facebook page and tell me what you chose to take action on from your communication brain dump. ENJOY!

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Coffee Location:  My Starbucks in NYC

Today’s Beverage of Choice: Starbucks Grande Americano


Coffee and Optimism.

Doesn’t get any better for me!

This week several beloved people from my Facebook community shared this video with me- stating that it reminded them of me. So first of all I would like to say how much I love people taking the time out of their busy day to share fun things and secondly, how touched I am that this video reminded people of me. Truly touched.

This little girl is infectious. She emulates that message I want to put out in the world each and every day.

  • You can be whatever and whomever you want to be.
  • You can love every little aspect of your life.
  • You can find utter joy in the simplest things.
  • You can do something that could be perceived as silly or embarrassing and in turn, shine your light on the world.
  • You are your best cheerleader.
  • Take nothing for granted.

“I can do anything good… yeah yeah yeah yeah… I can do anything good– better than anyone…”

Click this link to watch the 32 second video!

Optimism is contagious. Spread a little today.

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It is a word I have been fully embracing recently.

~ In work with my clients.

~ In my life.

~ In my personal brand.

~ In my business brand.

Such a great word.

And just out of full disclosure, one of the ways I have been tapping into my playful self is to think “what would I want to be doing if I were hanging with my nieces.”  The options I have come up with lately are just so exquisite and of course perfect for me. I am listing five from this week below.

  • Took out that “box of 64” and colored in a coloring book (relaxing)
  • Read Mutts cartoons aloud and laughed and laughed (I have little voices for each of them)
  • Spent an hour in the children’s department of the local bookstore reading (there are some great books out there for kids)
  • Watched Fraggle Rock twice this week (another brilliant Henson creation about community and tolerance)
  • Hugged and kissed lots of dogs while walking down NYC sidewalks and through the park (“the boys” at home didn’t mind)

What ways can you get playful in your life and release those business burdens?

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Coffee Location:  In my living room writing/reading/creating chair

Today’s Beverage of Choice: French press black coffee in my favorite blue/brown mug


On November 10, 1969, at almost 3 years old, my mom sat me in front of television history. The first airing of Sesame Street. At that moment, my entire life changed. I know that might sound terribly dramatic but it is absolutely true.

In that moment, I believe that I began to understand creativity in a way that would never be paralleled for me again in my lifetime. Jim Henson and his brilliant mind unleashed something in MY mind, my soul and my heart that I have been abiding by for the last almost 42 years.

My love and connection with Jim Henson and his creations is rich and deep. (Probably a great topic for another day because it requires much writing, feeling and explanation- even some fun pictures!) Suffice it to say that it is a profound connection that really goes so far beyond words. It is about communicating using creativity, humor, compassion, hope and tolerance to bring people together.  To build community.

  • I remember exactly where I was on May 16, 1990 when it was announced Jim Henson had died at 50 years old.  I wept uncontrollably in a bar in the West Village of NYC
  • And now I remember exactly where I was on what would have been his 75thbirthday, September 24, 2011. Celebrating him at the Museum of Moving Image in NYC (yet another reason for me to love NYC!) Yesterday and today I am spending time with so many other Henson lovers enjoying the special programming and signing the “memory book” that will go in the archives of the Jim Henson Legacy organization.

Over the next few months I will be sharing more thoughts and ideas coming to me through Jim Henson and his remarkable world. But today, in honor of his birthday weekend, I want to leave you with my favorite Jim Henson quote. It sums up my outlook on life.

~ I believe that we form our own lives, that we create our own reality, and that everything works out for the best. I know I drive some people crazy with what seems to be ridiculous optimism, but it has always worked out for me. ~ Jim

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A little something I wrote this weekend…


Coffee Location: Living room floor with “my Boys”

Beverage of Choice: French Press in a white ceramic mug


It is one of those weekends. You know, you have probably had one too. 

The main ingredients of the weekend include a completely unscheduled Saturday and Sunday for the first time in months, piles of laundry, a book I am ½ way through, a list of work projects three miles long and exhausted little ol’ me.

When I mixed all those things together, here’s what I got:

  • A Friday dinner with dear friends celebrating a brave and “follow your dream” sort of move Lynn will be taking to Sante Fe later this month.
  • Nine hours sleep Friday night after watching a few television shows.
  • Saturday morning at Starbucks working on a client projects.
  • Anonymous late lunch at a favorite neighborhood spot reading my book quietly
  • A little puttering around the house and on the computer in the early evening
  • A decision to head to bed to read for a few hours that morphed into 13 hours of sleep. YES- 13 hours of sleep!

Now, it is Sunday. I am rested. I was feeling a little antsy and anxious about this list of things to do that still sits beside me. My reaction? Watch a movie (to avoid the list and the laundry?) Ahhh… but it turns out not just ANY movie. A movie that is jump-starting my creativity in a way that forced me to pause it mid-way and write to all of you.

Julie and Julia.

I know I am a little late to the party since you all watched it last year.

But this movie has me smiling and dreaming and thinking a mile a minute– If I want my world to change, I have to change my world. That is what these two women did. For very different reasons and in very different circumstances but I am utterly inspired.

Writing, cooking, creating, building self-confidence and following through with something against all odds and the sheer lunacy of it all. That is what I want to do! That is the woman I want to be. And I think it is no coincidence at all that I am feeling so alive with inspiration and ideas on a weekend when I have slept so much. My body needs rest. To heal and open me up to new ideas.

Hmmm…. What will come of this? Stay tuned. Now back to the movie!


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