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I found this statement in one of my favorite spiritual books today. It sent chills up my spine and I just wanted to share it with all of you– because I want you to find the ease and confidence I feel when I read this. I want that for you in your life and business.


Do not worry about how the good that has been planned for you will come.

It will come.

Do not worry, obsess, think you have to control it, go out hunting for it, or tangle your mind trying to figure out how and when it will find you.

It will find you.

Surrender to your Higher Power each day. Trust your Higher Power. Then, stay peaceful. Trust and listen to yourself. That is how the good you want will come to you.

Your healing. Your joy. Your relationships. Your solutions. That job. That desired change. That opportunity. It will come to you- naturally, with ease, and in a host of ways.

That answer will come. The direction will come. The money. The idea. The energy. The creativity. The path will open itself to you. Trust that, for it has already been planned.

It is futile, a waste and drain of energy, to worry about how it will come. It is already there. You have it already. It is in place. You just cannot see it!

You will be brought to it, or it will be brought to you.


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It is the word that just keeps surfacing.

In books, daily readings, conversations, dreams, messages from television shows… you name it and the theme is probably VULNERABILITY.

Well, I surrender.

Through my willful brain and all its grandiose ideas for business and life, I finally got the message this morning. I surrender to vulnerability.

My challenge is to blog every day for 40 days about vulnerability in life and business. Yes, it is a self-imposed challenge. The people around me are too busy preparing for Hurricane Sandy to take the time to give me a challenge this morning – smile. Honestly, however the 40 days is inspired by my friends Payson Cooper and Jennifer Zwiebel and the remarkable methods they teach and demonstrate in their own lives by showing up for a commitment to yourself (in this case “myself”) every day for 40 days.

I realized in my quiet time lying in bed before dawn that for as open and honest as I have been in sharing my business lessons and life lessons, there are many layers lying below the surface that are much more revealing. Much more riddled in fear. Places where magical things can happen if I just tap into them- let them out.

So I am going to give it a try. This is day one. Maybe the most vulnerable of all.

The surrender. The commitment.

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Everything is changing.

I am on the edge. The edge of that beautiful cliff at sunset.  Do I stand here and watch the sunset until the opportunities fade into the horizon or do I free-fall? Trusting I will be caught. I will be cared for.

Free-falling is the answer.

That is how it feels. Beautiful sunset surrounding me. There is so much more faith than fear but wow… this is uncharted territory. I do not ever remember being suspended in life this way before.

Over the next few months watch for some big announcements. Changes in business. Changes in life. Changes in perspective. Changes in team, collaborators and partners. Nothing is safe from change in my life right now apparently.

But why play it “safe”?

I could have stayed in Corporate for that!

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Excerpt from an email I sent to friends and family on September 11, 2001.

Felt fitting to post.


I left a doctor’s appointment at 9:00 and saw the smoke down 5th Avenue. Maybe the Flat Iron Building was on fire?  Human nature had my eyes peeled on the tragedy ahead when I saw the 2nd plane swing around and hit the tower. A HUGE ball of orange fire shot out of the WTC. It all came together in my mind at that point. Then, an eerie feeling came over the 5th Avenue rush-hour crowd. Silence. Hugging the gasping stranger next to you. Crying. Emergency vehicle sirens in the distance. Traffic stopped immediately. Dead cellphones desperately being handed to strangers. Radios in delivery vans relaying news to us.  I wanted to throw up. Then, as if in slow motion, we realized that we were standing under the Empire State Building and we ran!

I had seen enough, but others in my office went outside and saw the WTC Towers collapse later in the hour… like cigarette butts crumbling to the ground. Worked at the MetLife Blood Bank. Wandered home through the throngs of people feeling like a lost child. Stopping in churches to pray. Helping the bandaged, sooty people coming uptown to get home.
Surreal is the word we are all using.

All is fine with us and yet everything is wrong.

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