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I love Groundhog Day!

It’s a kind of silly holiday with the adorable little guy, the top hats, the spectacle and the tradition- I know.  But I have my reasons for loving February 2nd’s celebration. Here are some random facts about Bryn and Groundhog Day:

  • I love animals. But maybe like dating, you would say I have a “type” because I have always had a special place in my heart for cuties like groundhogs, hedgehogs and meercats.
  • No surprise~ this Celtic gal loves this holiday which began steeped in Pagan tradition.  Peasants and nobles alike loved medieval Candlemas Day and that darling little hedgehog!
  • I always refer to him as Punxsutawney Pete not Punxsutawney Phil. The alliteration just sounds better, don’t you think?
  • And why did NYC have to create Staten Island Chuck? Unnecessary to create a rivalry. However, the good news is that this year Phil and Chuck agree- Spring is on its way! We’ll see what global warming has to say about that.

Check out this fun video about Groundhog Day tradition!


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When I reference Groundhog Day, I can’t help but think of that hysterical 1993 movie starring Bill Murray and Andie MacDowell. If you have never seen it (although I would question where you’ve been!), Bill Murray’s character experiences the same Groundhog Day over and over again. Each time the day starts again, he adjusts based on what he knows will happen so he can get it “just right”.

This movie has me reflecting on two lessons I have learned over the years that look a lot like this Bill Murray’s character’s experience:

  • My days of living the Groundhog Day life in my career and business are over. I learned early on in corporate to save everything- every file, every document and every email trail- because invariably the senior leadership team would reposition an old project or initiative as a brand new, enterprise-wide opportunity in which I could be put in charge. Common practice was to pull out those saved files, relabel them and start over again. It got so bad in 2002 that I bought my entire team a copy of the movie! (VHS of course) Today as an entrepreneur everything is new -every day. No reusing ideas for me. It is all fresh and exciting. No more slapping another name or spin on an initiative and calling it new! Phew– However, I am free to reuse those fabulous corporate ideas at my corporate clients all day long!
  • The Universe will continue to put similar people, situations and opportunities in my path until I learn the lesson I am here to learn. And it is often equal parts frustrating and hysterical.  Like the movie Groundhog Day, I just keep coming back to the scenario over and over again, adjusted a bit each time, until I make the major shift. The most recent lessons have been painful and tear-filled but the “other side” is looks like days of endless rainbows compared to the ways I was living tied to those toxic people, places and things.

Where is that happening in your life?

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