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I love Groundhog Day!

It’s a kind of silly holiday with the adorable little guy, the top hats, the spectacle and the tradition- I know.  But I have my reasons for loving February 2nd’s celebration. Here are some random facts about Bryn and Groundhog Day:

  • I love animals. But maybe like dating, you would say I have a “type” because I have always had a special place in my heart for cuties like groundhogs, hedgehogs and meercats.
  • No surprise~ this Celtic gal loves this holiday which began steeped in Pagan tradition.  Peasants and nobles alike loved medieval Candlemas Day and that darling little hedgehog!
  • I always refer to him as Punxsutawney Pete not Punxsutawney Phil. The alliteration just sounds better, don’t you think?
  • And why did NYC have to create Staten Island Chuck? Unnecessary to create a rivalry. However, the good news is that this year Phil and Chuck agree- Spring is on its way! We’ll see what global warming has to say about that.

Check out this fun video about Groundhog Day tradition!


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I took a chance on a concert this evening called Quiet Moments at Middle Collegiate Church sponsored by a multi-cultural, multi-faith global initiative I volunteer with called Intersections. One of my favorite things about the holidays is music- from all cultures and all spiritual practices. This expression of the season makes me so happy.

Tonight, I was delighted by Fred Johnson and his featured artists on percussion and piano. Quiet Callings is a joyous contemplative presentation of both composed and improvised selections of music gleaned from Quiet Callings (a collection of mediations received and authored by Fred Johnson in 2009) and The Great American Songbook. I met Fred after the performance and he is as warm and delightful as he is talented.

The only word I would use is WOW.

The added bonus is that they performed a few of my favorite Christmas songs like The Little Drummer Boy. Magical.

So happy I headed all the way downtown to make this my day 2 holiday celebration event.

Here’s a taste of this trio!

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Yes everyone! This is my first declared vacation since starting my own business in January 2010.

I say “declared vacation” because there have been other days off:  days when I just needed mental health time, days when I was on a business trip and took advantage of spending time with friends in that city, and times when I went to visit family. But none of those really felt like a vacation.

You see, I have old behaviors that I am working on breaking this week. Behaviors I employed in corporate America for 20 years that really no longer work for me. In all honesty, they did not work for me then either.

Here is a sampling of what my new vacation behavior looks like:

  • I am rested. If that means that I need to sleep 12 hours a night to feel that way, so be it. I am giving myself the ultimate permission to sleep with no agenda and no expectations of getting up so I do not “waste the day”. Sleep is not wasting the day.
  • Similarly, I have created little to no agenda for the first few days of this 9-day vacation. Oh, I have a list of things I want to accomplish, but no list that is so overwhelming that my head is spinning. And most importantly, it is a list of activities that are for me… just me. Not glamorous, exciting plans that would make you go “ohhh” and “ahhh”. Instead, they are activities that make me proud to have accomplished and more rested and fulfilled in the process. Just wait ‘til you hear!
  • The second half of my vacation will be spent with family. Almost all of my parents, stepparents, sisters, stepsisters, nieces and nephews, and cousins live in Rochester, NY where I grew up. Usually I arrive for a holiday – actually blow in like the wind – and see everyone on a schedule that leaves very little time for spontaneity. Statements I usually hear are “we wish you could stay longer”, “oh you have to go already?”, and “we can show Aunt Bryn next time”. Part of my motivation for building my own business is to enjoy my family. Be present. Not read and respond to my email on my iPhone in the car or in the bathroom so my family doesn’t get annoyed. Trust me, they got annoyed anyway. I will be present.

There is so much possibility in these new behaviors- this new vacation plan. Stay tuned.

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