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This post is from last weekend… thought I would share!


Coffee Location:  My Mom’s Living Room on Mother’s Day

Today’s Beverage of Choice: A Yellow Ceramic Mug of Drip Coffee


This has been a big family weekend.  

Yesterday was my niece and god-daughter Chloe’s first communion. What a magical day!  First there was the princess dress, gloves, her first  “high-heeled” shoes and a veil. Then, the little hands folded together as she walked with her friends down the aisle.  And the celebrations with family and friends for the entire day. Such a remarkable time in all of our lives. And I did not have to miss a single moment of it.  I own my own business and I make my own schedule.

Then after church today, we all head to dinner for a Mother’s Day celebration. Chloe and I are taking all the mothers (plus Dad) to dinner! Dinner at a restaurant where we have not been together as a family in years. Really special. Again, it is just those simple times of tradition and new memories that I cherish.

It makes me think about new traditions I have started in recent times after moving to my new apartment and neighborhood three years ago~ like walking in Central Park and Cathedral St. John the Divine’s grounds to witness the seasons change. And traditions in my business that are starting to form after only 18 months like my quarterly day when I turn off the world for the entire day and bury myself in the plan I have already created for my business. Does it still make sense? Does it need to be adjusted? What new ideas do I want to be able to implement? Of course, there is a ritual to this tradition… my flipcharts, post-its and markers come out along with a big pot of coffee and a huge table to spread out on in the lounge of my building.  Everything is “just so”. And at the close of the day, I pack everything up and go out to dinner with my best friend to celebrate.

What traditions do you hold strong to in your life?

What traditions is it time to create in your life and business?


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Connection. Here is a new connection opportunity that popped up.

I started to run. Actually a combination of walking and running. In Central Park. Me. Little ol’ me. Running. The result? I felt powerful. I felt beautiful. I felt energized. I felt accomplished. And therefore, I did it again the next day and the next.

I couldn’t stop talking to my friends and family about how wonderful running in the Park was. And admittedly every time I mentioned it I started to giggle like a junior high girl because it is so unbelievable and strangely out of character.

As I described the Central Park experience to my best friend, it hit me why I love it SO MUCH. Sure it is about the running, accomplishment, and glow I get from completing a session. But really, it is all about the CONNECTION!

  • I enter the park and simply join in with all the runners, walkers and bikers. I am one of them.
  • Everyone is friendly- waves to each other or smiles through what I have to imagine is pain because that is what I am feeling J
  • It is a huge community-New Yorkers and visitors of all ages, races, ethnicities, and athletic ability. No one is judging. No one is paying attention to whether my huffing and puffing is based on a 5 mile run or a 5 minute run. I believe these anonymous friends would cheer me on no matter what!
  • When I am done with my routine, I head to my favorite spot in the park- “The Pond”. There I do some stretches. But mainly, I talk to the dogs and their owners all out for a morning walk. Happy. A fresh day of possibility in front of all of us. Plus dog kisses.
  • And then I sit with nature and the Universe at the pond watching dragonflies, ducks, geese, turtles, and fish. A connection on a much deeper level is found for me there.

Now I understand why this is working so well for me. I am motivated by the connection. No surprise there! It makes perfect sense but it took me all this time to figure out how to pull it all together. Can’t wait to get back out there to connect- with myself, the animals, my community and nature…. All in one place!

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