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In my quest to enjoy the holiday season one day at a time from December 1 through December 25 (and who knows- maybe this will continue straight through New Years Day), day 5 and 6 were all about planning. Planning forward.

  • The holiday cards came out and now scream at me from across the room
  • The decorations were found (they were secretly tucked away in this one-bedroom Manhattan apartment and required a “if you were a Christmas decoration where would you be hiding?” moment)
  • Since I have not joined a church since moving to Washington Heights, I needed to scope out options for Christmas Eve
  • RSVPed to several holiday get-togethers
  • Changed my Facebook cover photo to include the Rockefeller Plaza Tree and the gorgeous angels (my favorite)

So while I would have liked it better if I was VISITING the Rockefeller tree as my holiday activity to blog about, I will say that there are some wonderful plans in motion for the remainder of the month thanks to my planning.

What have you got planned?


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Today is my birthday.

It begins my new year each year- like my own private ball-dropping, confetti-flying, champagne-toasting holiday!

A time of reflection. A time of dreaming.

I gave up on New Year’s resolutions 15 years. I now believe and actually have embraced the concept of being able to begin my day, week, month or year over again at any moment. Nothing lasts forever.

The Universe is infinite so everything is possible. And more than likely, what I need- that magical action, person, event, opportunity- is not even in my scope of thinking today. I see this over and over again. The exact thing I need- the amazing experience that is perfect in that moment is not even in my mind today. So I just keep looking forward to the possibilities.

This will be an incredible year – I can feel it.

And when it does not feel that way, I can start over at any point.


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During this holiday season, there is so much encouragement to spread hope and good cheer.  I encourage that wholeheartedly myself. However, for many the holiday season also comes with a tremendous amount of pressure- both in terms of time and financial expectations. And yet, it is also the perfect time to be connecting and spreading that cheer to people you will want to build deeper relationships within 2011 and beyond.

You might think, “Bryn, it is difficult enough to finish all the holiday shopping, attend all (or at least some) of the parties, and decorate for the holidays.  I have no time or energy left to connect with MORE people”.

No worries!  Below I have offered a few ideas to help you leverage both your limited hours in the day and your drained bank account during this celebratory season.

Strategy, it all begins with Strategy! Not the kind that requires a business plan (but gosh, if you have that business plan handy, you may want to pull it out and take a look at the goals that were not quite fulfilled this year or perhaps the goals you have in mind for 2011.)

What I am suggesting here is to do the following 10 minute exercise: Clear your mind. Put yourself in a quiet spot where there is little chance of interruption for 10 minutes. Grab a piece of paper and a pen write down:

Brainstorm about 10 people who you want to connect with, meant to connect with (darn!) or who you connected with earlier in 2010 and never followed up properly (you know who they are-they have been nagging at you in the back of your mind)

Now go research how you will find them. Email, address, phone number, parties they might be attending, people you can call who can put you in contact with them.

Now put their names on your calendar. Literally. Bob on December 21. On December 21 you will call Bob and invite him to coffee or lunch. Lily on December 27. Stop by her office or email her and ask if she plans to be at the Martin’s New Year’s Party. You could catch up there (because isn’t it so nice to actually SEE someone- to really connect face-to-face?)

Do not bite off more than you can chew, as they say. No marathon days of connecting. Spread it out so each exchange can move closer to a face-to-face interaction which is always more satisfactory than a phone call which is far more connected than an email.

But you will do what you can. And maybe the point of this reach-out for you at the holiday time is to get on this person’s radar for 2011 when things are less hectic. Plus, you just made connections or reconnections with 10 people over a few weeks! FUN!

Spread Holiday Cheer!


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