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I love Groundhog Day!

It’s a kind of silly holiday with the adorable little guy, the top hats, the spectacle and the tradition- I know.  But I have my reasons for loving February 2nd’s celebration. Here are some random facts about Bryn and Groundhog Day:

  • I love animals. But maybe like dating, you would say I have a “type” because I have always had a special place in my heart for cuties like groundhogs, hedgehogs and meercats.
  • No surprise~ this Celtic gal loves this holiday which began steeped in Pagan tradition.  Peasants and nobles alike loved medieval Candlemas Day and that darling little hedgehog!
  • I always refer to him as Punxsutawney Pete not Punxsutawney Phil. The alliteration just sounds better, don’t you think?
  • And why did NYC have to create Staten Island Chuck? Unnecessary to create a rivalry. However, the good news is that this year Phil and Chuck agree- Spring is on its way! We’ll see what global warming has to say about that.

Check out this fun video about Groundhog Day tradition!



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