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I’ve been duped!

Okay, not really. And it was certainly not intentional. However…..

One of the secrets to the business planning and calendaring system I use for my business and of course, share with my clients is to have several days a week set aside for focusing solely on my writing, client work, sales calls and client calls. Then, there are days that are jam-packed with face-to-face encounters, cups of coffee and client meetings.

Bryn’s Translation: Days I need to get out of yoga pants, shower, put on makeup and fix my hair and days that I do not.

Now taking a step back, I will tell you that I have operated this way both as an entrepreneur and a corporate executive. On the last 2-3 years of my corporate life, I had an office in Manhattan about 100 blocks from where I live but I would often (alright, almost always) work from home anyway. A kind of reward for all the crazy,  “road warrior- style “ travel I would take on most of the year. When I could be in NYC, I would rather be in my apartment multi-tasking, conducting endless conference calls until all hours of the night and YES- wearing yoga pants.

The running joke amongst a few of my similarly-situated corporate girlfriends involved a comparison of how late in the day we actually showered (if at all). It was a “roll out of bed and get working” situation that usually ended with the sun going down while we were still running our multi-million dollar projects. I called that freedom.

Well, here I am running my own business. I am CEO, CTO, CMO and CAO all wrapped into one. And it is fabulous! In my company, the dress policy for those writing/phone call days is yoga pants, t-shirts, and colored pumas. It is again that “roll out of bed and get working” sort of creative environment that I thrive in!

One day last week, I planned to meet face-to-face with a client to work on his career strategy (a real passion of mine- because I get to combine years of recruiting knowledge with social media and networking strategies!). I jumped out of bed super early, wrote three social media plans for other clients and then hopped in the shower to get ready for our meeting. Dressed and looking pretty darn put together, I got back on the computer to find that my client is sick. Poor guy.  Time to reschedule because he is kind enough not to spread his germs to me.

But wait! I was all dressed with nowhere to go. Gosh it felt strange to be sitting there at my desk with no face-to-face meetings to attend and yet hair done and make up on. So I decided to make connection calls-connection calls that turned out to be fabulous connection calls.

Oh… you can see where this is going….

Yes, I felt animated, pretty and put-together (and could it be… a little more confident?) showered and dressed in my “client clothes” and not my “writing clothes”.  Darn. I operated for so long believing that jumping out of bed- not bothering to shower for many hours- just producing work at the speed of light as soon as coffee was in hand and feet hit the floor was what really worked for me. But I now see that my ways of operating may need to change.

I still 100% believe in categorizing activities and clustering them so that you remain on a roll creatively. And I still believe in the comfort and creativity that yoga pants and fun colored pumas allows me.  However, maybe jumping out of bed and starting to work without showering, makeup or decent looking hair is not the optimal motivational situation in my business.

The only thing we can count on in business is change, right?

I never would have guessed the power of the shower



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