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This was a short, but super fun holiday moment for the blog.

Day 4 in my quest to find something celebratory about the holiday season brought the fun to me…

As I waited at the Starbucks bar for my Grande Americano (one of many for the day!), the holiday music was playing overhead. So I…. yup… started humming and then singing softly and then realized that I was not alone. The barista making my drink was singing. So we smiled and got a little louder at which point other customers and other baristas joined in and soon we were all singing “Winter Wonderland” together.

When it was over, we all cheered, giggled, hi-fived and went on drinking our coffee!

Love my neighborhood.


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Coffee Location:  My Livingroom

Today’s Beverage of Choice: Starbucks Venti Americano


Muppet Movie Sing-A-Long

On Saturday, I went to a Muppet Movie Sing-A-Long.


As a celebration of Jim Henson on the last weekend of the exhibition of his work at the Museum of Moving Image here in NYC, his daughter, Heather Henson led a fun interactive screening of The Muppet Movie (1979).

There we were. A theater filled with hundreds of children and adults acting like children- complete with goodie bags filled with props.  Balloons, tiaras, glow sticks, noisemakers, feathers and so many other fun surprises for just that right moment in the movie.

Most of us had a favorite Muppet t-shirt, hat or memorabilia with us. Here’s a picture of me and my new Kermit backpack.

Just a room filled with laughter and childlike wonderment for two hours.

It didn’t matter I was still healing from my horrible cold.

I still laughed out loud at the jokes that I clearly now understand are adult jokes (who knew?!) and cried like I always do as I sang “Rainbow Connection”! Just a magical afternoon of stepping outside of my busy life of responsibility to feel like I was 12 again!

When was the last time you let go like this?

It really boosts my creativity- how about yours?

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