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I found this statement in one of my favorite spiritual books today. It sent chills up my spine and I just wanted to share it with all of you– because I want you to find the ease and confidence I feel when I read this. I want that for you in your life and business.


Do not worry about how the good that has been planned for you will come.

It will come.

Do not worry, obsess, think you have to control it, go out hunting for it, or tangle your mind trying to figure out how and when it will find you.

It will find you.

Surrender to your Higher Power each day. Trust your Higher Power. Then, stay peaceful. Trust and listen to yourself. That is how the good you want will come to you.

Your healing. Your joy. Your relationships. Your solutions. That job. That desired change. That opportunity. It will come to you- naturally, with ease, and in a host of ways.

That answer will come. The direction will come. The money. The idea. The energy. The creativity. The path will open itself to you. Trust that, for it has already been planned.

It is futile, a waste and drain of energy, to worry about how it will come. It is already there. You have it already. It is in place. You just cannot see it!

You will be brought to it, or it will be brought to you.


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Today I have the great pleasure of being the host on Day 9 of the Virtual Blog Tour for Healing the Corporate World by my dear friend and author Maria Gamb.

Written by former Fortune 500 executive, Maria Gamb, who spent more than 20 years trailblazing businesses valued at upwards of $100 million, Healing the Corporate World is a cutting-edge book examining the deep, and usually unspoken, ailment of the modern corporate world, offering solutions for healing at a personal, financial and even spiritual level. By showing the reader “the four cycles of transformational leadership”, Maria provides business leaders, from solo entrepreneurs to corporate senior executives, practical answers on how to transform their organizations from the inside out, and become “Change Agents”, consciously creating their own reality.

Yesterday, Maria visited Suzie Cheel at http://suziecheel.com.

For today’s stop on the tour, I decided to ask Maria some questions about being authentic in the workplace. So many of you struggle, as I have, with being “me” in my work life and using those values and characteristics I cherish to change the environment in which I work. Risky? Maybe. Worth it? Definitely. Here’s our conversation:

Bryn: As a Corporate Leader, I know that I felt most authentic in my roles when I could really embrace who I was- all sides of me including my spiritual being, my emotional self and my passionate self. How do people get to the level of comfort necessary to “expose” themselves this way in the workplace and trust that this is the right path?

Maria: Bryn your question is really a valid one. People often struggle to integrate all these aspects into their working environment. However, I think the misconception is that if you are a spiritual person and want to bring that into the workplace you have to make some formal statement. The most powerful way to “expose” yourself, as you put it, is by your actions not merely your words. This is the art of “being” that authentic person rather being someone others believe you should or ought to be. Here’s the practical application – because it’s got to be something you can express in a very tangible way. Look at how you interact with others. What are your rules of engagement? What are the values by which you conduct yourself? This is not a moralistic question as much as it is about your own value system. Values are based in 3 grounding principles – they are rooted in love – the care of others, compassion – the connection to others and acceptance – the engagement of others. Most people haven’t considered it this way, but it is so. If you want to integrate this spiritual side of yourself use these 3 principles as your guiding force in how you operate in the world. Period.

Bryn: It seems that true success and strong teams has a lot to do with giving- giving not getting- would you agree?

Maria: A healthy team is one that is harmonious, happy and engaged in what they do. They have shared values, dreams and goals. In order to create that dynamic it’s essential to install a system of giving. Most people think of this in monetary terms but it goes well beyond money. Encourage the team to share resources, help, time, ideas and solutions with each other – without judgment or competitiveness. When judgment comes in you have a team that shuts out and down possibilities and opportunities. If a team competes with itself, they are only out for themselves and everyone else be damned. This is a splintered team that produces very little, which means, your bottom line will suffer no doubt.

If you want greater success then a team has to be rooted in “giving” rather than “getting”. Giving is the stuff that great ideas come from and people become excited to be part of a process rather than separate to it. It helps them to feel like they are part of not only their own but others success. Even the most introverted person blossoms within this type of environment. But most importantly if you can set up a giving environment as I’ve described then those around them and including themselves will be more apt to receive. This is the flow of giving. When you give you receive. Perhaps not from the person YOU gave to but it will come from somewhere else. You will be much more open to allowing someone to help you and share with you without feeling threatened or suspicious of motivation. It’s interwoven: give and you receive, receive and you will give even more. But first give so the cycle continues and the comfort and confidence builds.

Bryn: Where do people start who really want to make a change in their workplace? What characteristics should they be focused on for themselves?

Maria: People do need to start with themselves first. Often times it’s easier to blame the boss or the vendor who annoys you for your unhappiness, lack of fulfilment in your work or a bad year. I hear this all the time. The truth is that you are responsible for yourself and your own happiness. So if you’re unhappy it’s time to look within and go through an assessment process. Now this can take a long time. Especially when there is no roadmap or “how to do it” to follow. I personally have felt like if someone would have just shown me what to do and where I was in the process I would have felt so much better. It’s not easy to look at yourself if you don’t know what you’re looking at or why. Right!?

In the book “Healing the Corporate World” there is a system called the “Cycle & Seasons of Transformation” that outlines what is required for an organization and an individual to transform. It illustrated the challenges, the risks and the antidote for each season. This system is so powerful because it asks the individual to really look at themselves on a personal level as well as how they are operating in business. You cannot correct your problems at work until you correct your underlying mindset (beliefs) conflicts. So this provides an opportunity to do both at the same time. Each step is explained and you are given a glimpse into the next phase so you know what is to come. As you learn these techniques you assist yourself in making the transition easier and smoother. As you become more comfortable with this you can then help others around you; including your team, vendors and colleagues to do the same. It helps relieve a whole lot of anxiety when you know what’s going on. The bottom line is this. Healing business is about healing the minds and hearts of the people who work within in on a deep profound level first, then the business shifts into high gear bringing greater returns, more security, affluence and influence to those who participate. It starts with the individual.


I hope you enjoyed this interview with Maria Gamb and that you’ll check out her new book Healing the Corporate World, which is coming to Amazon on Tuesday October 12, 2010. I am so excited about receiving my copy!

You can receive a complete library of beautiful personal development gifts when you buy the book on the day of its launch, including one from me:  5 Connection Strategy Tips to Help Jumpstart Your Business!

In addition, Maria is hosting an exciting FREE 4-day telesummit entitled “Transforming Business from the Inside Out” on October 4th – 7th with a distinguished panel of 9 of today’s most innovative authors and speakers on becoming the ‘Change Agent’ in your business, in your life and in the world!

Although it began yesterday, you can still jump in and get caught up! If you’d like to attend, all you have to do is request a “launch reminder” about the book, and you’ll receive all the information to attend. If you cannot make the live event, you can download the audio at your convenience.

To find out how to buy Maria’s BOOK and receive these gifts, including the FREE pass to the 4-day online telesummit, go to http://www.healingthecorporateworld.com AND you can read all about the TELESUMMIT and the guests at http://www.healingthecorporateworld.com/telesummit.html

Be sure to follow Maria tomorrow when the next stop on his Virtual Blog Tour is Rich Gallagher’s blog at http://www.pointofcontactgroup.com.

As usual, please do feel free to share your comments and thoughts below. I love reading your feedback.

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